Transform Windows 7 Into iOS With iOS Skin Pack


I am not a big fan of Apple and iOS devices. In fact, I don’t own any Apple products! But I am sure that many of IntoWindows readers own one or more Apple products, especially iOS devices. If you are iOS device user and love the look and feel of iOS, then here is a free transformation pack to convert your Windows 7 into iOS.

iOS Tranformatoin Pack For Windows 7

Created for Windows 7 (SP1), iOS Transformation Pack changes the overall appearance including boot screen, logon screen and Windows Explorer. The skin pack also includes cursors, wallpaper, icons, visual style and some extras.




Installing the skin pack is simple. Just download and run the installer to start installing all the files and tools required to add iOS touch to your Windows 7. The installer offers both quick and custom installation. Select the custom installation to view all components that will be installed as part of the skin pack. Uncheck the components that you don’t’ want to install.

iOS Tranformatoin Pack For Windows 7 Picture1

The skin pack also includes the UxTheme Patch file. This is required to install third-party visual styles in Windows 7.

iOS Tranformatoin Pack For Windows 7 Picture2

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