Troubleshooting Windows 7 Using Built-In Troubleshooters



One of the best features in Windows 7 that you should know is Windows troubleshooting platform. With Windows troubleshooters you can resolve most of the Windows problems automatically in a few clicks.

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There are a total of 20 troubleshooters available in Windows 7 including Sound, Power and Aero troubleshooters. To launch a troubleshooter in Windows 7, simply type fix or troubleshoot in Windows 7 Start menu search field and hit enter to open troubleshooting window.

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Once you open the appropriate troubleshooter, simply follow the onscreen instructions to fix the problem.

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Here is the list of built-in Windows 7 troubleshooters:

1. Aero – Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from experiencing Aero animations and effects.

2. Browse the Web – Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from browsing the web with IE.

3. Connection to a Shared Folder – Access shared folder and folders on other PCs.

4. Connection to a workplace Using Direct Access – Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from connecting to your workplace network over the Internet using Direct Access.

5. Hardware and Devices – Troubleshoot problems with hardware and devices.

6. HomeGroup Networking – Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from viewing PC or shared files in a homegroup.

7. Incoming Connection to this computer – Allow other PCs to connect to this computer.

8. Internet Connections – Connect to the Internet or to a particular Web Site.

9. Maintenance – Cleanup unused files and shortcuts, and perform other maintenance tasks.

10. Networking Adapter– Troubleshoot Ethernet, wireless, or other network adapters.

11. Performance – Adjust settings in Windows than can help improve overall speed and performance.

12. Play a DVD in Windows Media Player – Troubleshoot problems that prevent a DVD from playing in Windows Media Player.

13. Play Sound – Troubleshoot problems that prevent your PC from playing sound.

14. Power – Adjust power settings to improve battery life and reduce power consumption.

15. Printer – Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from using a printer.

16. Program Compatibility Troubleshooter – Troubleshoot a program that doesn’t work in this version of Windows.

17. Record Sound – Troubleshoot problems that prevent your PC from recording sound.

18. Web Browsing Safety – Adjust settings for browser safety in Internet Explorer.

19. Windows Media Player Library – Troubleshoot problems that prevent music and movies from being shown in the Windows Media Player Library.

20. Windows Media Player Settings – Reset Windows Media Player back to default settings.

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