Tweak Windows 7 Services With SMART Utility


Most of the Windows users don’t know about Services. A service is a program or process that run the background and provides support to other programs. Many advanced users disable unused services to speedup Windows. If you are novice user, here is a smart tool to fine tune services in Windows 7.

Tweak Services

SMART (Service Management and RealEasy Tweaking) is a small tool, based on the suggested configurations of BlackVipers, to customize your Windows 7 services settings, to meet your requirements.  With SMART you can start, stop or disable service quickly. Clicking on the service will show you detailed information about the service along with the location of the service.



To change the start-up type of a service, right-click on the service and then select Automatic, Manual or Disabled type. Double-click on a service to start or stop it.

Tweak services with SMART

And if you are new to Windows Services, you can use Safe, Tweaked, Advanced and Default presets to change the settings quickly. Finally, if you don’t like to use third-party tool to enable/disable a service, refer our how to enable/disable a service in Windows 7 guide.


As you can guess, SMART is a standalone tool that requires no installation to start playing with Windows 7 Services.

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