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There was a time when I used to run third-party disk defragment tools on Windows XP machine almost every week to make my 256 MB RAM PC run a little bit faster. But things changed with the release of Windows 7. I purchased a new PC with 4GB memory and haven’t worried about defragging the disk since then. In fact, I have not used a single third-party disk defrag tools on my new Windows 10 PC in the last seven months.

UltraDefrag for Windows 10

The native Disk Defragment utility in Windows 10/8/7 automatically runs once a week and takes care of fragmented areas. The native Defragment tool is pretty good and does the job for me. But if you are looking for an advanced disk defragment utility with additional features, you need to install UltraDefrag software. It’s a free, open-source disk defragment utility with decent set of features.

ultradefrag for windows 10

After releasing two Alpha builds, three Betas and two Release Candidate builds, UltraDefrag Development Team has finally released the final version of UltraDefrag v7.0 and is now ready for download.

The user interface has been improved by keeping regular users in mind. Ability to run multiple instances simultaneously, MFT optimization, and quick optimization are some of the new features introduced with this version.

The current version of UltraDefrag supports FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file systems. Scheduled defrag, file and folder defrag, disk defrag, and boot-time defrag are the key features of this software. When enabled, boot-time defrag takes care of system files that can’t be touched while Windows is running.

UltraDefrag Download

An option is available to shutdown, hibernate, or logoff the PC after completing the task. The other best thing about this tiny software is that it has hotkeys for all actions. Keyboard addicts can perform all actions without touching the mouse!

Download UltraDefrag

UltraDefrag software is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (64 bit and 32 bit) operating systems. This tiny software also has support for over 30 languages including Greek, German, Polish, French, Latin, Russian, and Turkish.

Download size of the installer is under 500 KB and can be downloaded from the link provided at the end of this article. Separate installers are available for x86 and x64 versions. Be sure to download the right version.

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