Vista Shortcut Keys


This article contains Keyboard shortcuts specific to Windows Vista, which are used to speed up otherwise cumbersome tasks:

Opening Programs

WINDOWS KEY + E - Open Windows Explorer 
WINDOWS KEY + F - Open Search
WINDOWS KEY + U - Open the Ease of Access Center 
WINDOWS KEY + R - Open the Run Window
WINDOWS KEY + (1-9) - Run the nth program on your Quick Launch bar
WINDOWS KEY + Pause - Open System Properties
CTRL + SHIFT + ESC - Open Windows Task Manager

Managing Windows

ALT + F4 - Close the Active Window 
ALT + TAB - Switch to Previous Active Window 
CTRL + WINDOWS KEY + Tab - Persistent Flip 3D 
ALT + ESC - Cycle Through all Open Windows 
WINDOWS KEY + T - Cycle through Taskbar Applications
WINDOWS KEY + M - Minimize all Open Windows 
WINDOWS KEY + Shift + M - Undo all Window Minimization 
WINDOWS KEY + D - Toggle Desktop Focus
WINDOWS KEY + B - Shift focus to the System Tray
WINDOWS KEY + Space - Shift focus to Sidebar

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