Visual BCD Editor: Edit Windows 7 Boot Configuration Data


The boot configuration data store (BCD) contains boot configuration parameters and controls how the operating system is booted for Windows Vista and later versions. Unlike Boot.ini in XP, BCD stores data in a binary format and cannot be edited with a text editor.

 Visual BCD for Windows 7

Visual BCD Editor is a free tool for Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, and provides a graphical user interface for command line utility BCDEdit. Once installed, it provides two main features: Startup Repair and Visual BCD Editor.

 Vistual BCD Editor For Windows 7


The Startup Repair feature can be used to repair BCD, repair bootsector and MBR (Master Boot Record), and repair disk as well.


Key features:

# Edit boot menu

# Rename boot menu entries

# Change boot menu timeout

# Repair BCD

# Backup BCD store

# Import BCD store

# Repair bootsector

# Repair disk

# Set default boot menu entry

# Create new Windows XP loader

# Create new Windows 7/Vista loader

# Create new bootsector loader for Unix and Mac OS X


If you aren’t familiar with Boot Configuration Data, we recommend downloading the free BCDEdit Reference guide for Vista and Windows 7.

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