Windows 10 Calculator App Keyboard Shortcuts


With Windows 10, Microsoft replaced the classic Calculator program with a new Calculator app. The new Calculator app offers standard, scientific, programmer, and date calculation modes.

In addition to these modes, there are converters to calculate almost everything, including currency, volume, length, weight and mass, temperature, energy, area, speed, power, data, pressure, and angle.

Windows 10 calculator app keyboard shortcuts

The current version of Windows 10 Calculator app is quite powerful and easily one of the best Calculate apps out there for Windows 10.

Since it offers many modes and options, most PC users use it regularly. If you also use the Calculator app very often, you might want to know the keyboard shortcuts available in the Calculator app to complete your calculations quickly.

Calculator app keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

This article itemizes keyboard shortcuts for the Windows 10 Calculator app.

 Alt + 1  Switch to standard mode
 Alt + 2  Switch to scientific mode
 Alt + 3  Switch to programmer mode
 Alt + 4  Switch to date calculation mode
 Esc  Clear all input (select C)
 Delete  Clear current input (select CE)
 Ctrl + H  Turn calculation history on or off
 Ctrl + M  Store in memory
 Ctrl + P  Add to memory
 Ctrl + Q  Subtract from memory
 Ctrl + R  Recall from memory
 Ctrl + L  Clear memory
 Ctrl + Shift + D  Clear history
 Up arrow  Move up in history list
 Down arrow  Move down in history list
 F9  Select ±
 R  Select 1/X
 @  Calculate the square root
 %  Select %
 F3  Select DEG in scientific mode
 F4  Select RAD
 F5  Select GRAD
  Ctrl + G  Select 10x
 Ctrl + O  Select cosh
 Ctrl + S  Select sinh
 Ctrl + T  Select tanh
 Shift + S  Select sin-1
 Shift + O  Select cos-1
 Shift + T  Select tan-1
 Ctrl + Y  Select y?x
 D  Select mod
 L  Select log
 M  Select dms
 N  Select In
 Ctrl + N  Select ex
 O  Select cos
 P  Select Pi
 Q  Select x2
 S  Select sin
 T  Select tan
 V  Select F-E
 X  Select Exp
 Y, ^  Select xy
 #  Select x3
 !  Select n!
 %  Select Mode
 F2  Select DWORD in programmer mode
 F3  Select WORD
 F4  Select BYTE
 F5  Select HEX
 F6  Select DEC
 F7  Select OCT
 F8  Select BIN
 F12  Select QWORD
 A-F  Select A-F
 J  Select RoL
 K  Select RoR
 <  Select Lsh
 >  Select Rsh
 %  Select Mod
 |  Select Or
 ^  Select Xor
 ~  Select Not
 &  Select And
 Spacebar  Toggle the bit value

If the Calculator app fails to open or work properly, refer to our fix to Calculator app not properly working or opening guide.

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