Windows 10 Mail App Keyboard Shortcuts


Mail app is one of the most used built-in apps in Windows 10. It offers almost everything that you would need to manage your email accounts.

If you have added one or more email accounts to the Mail and regularly use Windows 10 Mail app, you might want to know the keyboard shortcuts available in the Mail app to read, replay and forward email faster.

Windows 10 Mail app keyboard shortcuts

There are over 20 useful keyboard shortcuts in the Mail app. You can use the keyboard shortcuts compose a new email, add attachments, forward emails, send emails, and do much more.

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 Mail app

Following are the useful keyboard shortcuts available in Windows 10 Mail app.

 Compose new email  Ctrl + N or Ctrl + Shift + M
 Mark as read  Ctrl + Q
 Mark as unread  Ctrl + U
 Replay to currently open email  Ctrl + R
 Replay to all  Ctrl + Shift + R
 Forward currently open email  Ctrl + F
 Search  Ctrl + E or F3
 Switch to inbox  Ctrl + Shift + I
 Switch to outbox  Ctrl + Shift + O
 Add attachment  Alt + I
 Send composed email  Ctrl + Enter or Alt + S
 Zoom in  Ctrl ++
 Zoom out  Ctrl – –
 Manual sync  Ctrl + M or F9
 Delete a conversation  Ctrl + D or Del
 Archive a conversation  Backspace
 Accepting meeting invitation  Alt + C
 Decline meeting invitation  Alt + D
 Tentative meeting invitation  Al + N
 Move to view  Ctrl + Shift + V
 Switch to Calendar  Ctrl + 2

We will update this article if and when Microsoft adds new keyboard shortcuts to the Mail app.

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