Windows 7 Will Not Support Customizing Boot Animation


If you have been tinkering with Windows 7’s system files to customize the boot animation, then better stop your geeky work right now. Yes, users will not be able to customize the boot animation of Windows 7.

Windows 7 boot screen

As you know, Microsoft has added few fancy features like Desktop Slideshow and Themepack in Windows 7 to make the new OS more customizable. Customizing the boot screen was easy in the earlier versions of Windows including Vista. We have also seen many fantastic custom boot screens for Windows Vista and XP. Unfortunately, there will not be any such custom boot screens for 7.

In a post to Engineering Windows 7, Karen Wong, a program manager on Core User Experience feature team, reveals all the details about the new boot animation of Windows 7.


No Bootanimation

The highlighted text reads:

We know many of you might be asking if you could include your own animation or customize this sequence. This is not something we will support in Windows 7.  We’ve talked about and shown a great many “personalization” elements of Windows 7 already, such as the new themepacks which you can try out in the beta. The reasons for this should be pretty clear, which is that we cannot guarantee the security of the system to allow for arbitrary elements to be loaded into memory at boot time.

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