Examine File Extensions and File Associations in Windows 7


File extensions for applications are referred to as file associations. Each known exten¬sion on a system has a file association that you can view at a command prompt by typing the assoc command followed by the extension. For instance: 

  • assoc .doc

Each file association in turn specifies the file type for the file extension. This can be viewed at a command prompt by typing the ftype followed by the file association. For instance: 

  • ftype Word.Document.8

Assoc and Ftype are internal commands for the command shell (Cmd.exe). But you can also use these commands from the Windows PowerShell prompt. To use the Assoc command in PowerShell, enter cmd /c assoc followed by the exten¬sion. For example: 

  • cmd /c assoc .doc

To use the Ftype command in PowerShell, enter cmd /c ftype followed by the file association. For example: 

  • cmd /c ftype Word.Document.8
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