Temporarily Change the OS Boot Sequence


If you have a system with multiple operating systems installed, there may be times when you need to boot to a particular OS just one time and then revert to the default boot order. 

BCD Edit makes this easy to do using the /bootsequence command. 

At an elevated command prompt, enter the following command: 
bcdedit /bootsequence {975a8204-9658-11dd-993e-9aea7965e9da}

Simply change the identifier—in this example, {975a8204-9658-11dd-993e-9aea7965e9da}—to the identifier for the operating system that you want to boot when you restart the computer. 

When you restart the computer, it will set the specified operating system as the default for that restart only. Then, when you restart the computer again, the computer will use the original default boot order. 

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