Use the Driverquery Command to Take Inventory of Installed Drivers


If you want a more compact record of installed drivers in a format that you can review later, use the Driverquery command. Entering this command with no switches produces a simple list of installed devices and drivers. You can modify the output of the command with a variety of switches, and you can redirect the output of the command to a file so that you can load it in another program. 


For instance, you can use the /V switch to produce a detailed (verbose) listing, and add the /FO switch with the Csv parameter to generate the output in a format suitable for use in Microsoft Office Excel: 

driverquery /v /fo csv > drvlist.csv

Open Drvlist.csv in Excel to see a neatly formatted and highly detailed list of all your hardware. (For a full list of the switches available for the Driverquery command, add the /? switch or search for Driverquery in Windows Help and Support.) 

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