Windows Vista Fix To Resolve iPod Being Corrupted When Using Safely Remove Hardware Feature


Microsoft has released an update to resolve an issue where an Apple iPod may be vulnerable to corruption when selecting the "Safely Remove Hardware feature on systems running Windows Vista. When attempting to eject the iPod the possibility exist for the iPod to become corrupted, causing data loss. Apple recommended work around was to always eject their iPods within the iTunes software.

The patch can be obtained by running Windows Update or from Microsoft by downloading iPod patch fix for Vista x86-based versions and to fix the iPod eject issue on Vista 64-Bit versions.

Apple has also released a new version of iTunes version 7.1.1 that fixes earlier problems with iPods running on Windows Vista systems. This updates fixes issues with purchased tracks becoming unplayable, and possible iPod corruptions in Windows Vista.

iTunes 7.1.1 can be downloaded from Apple web site.

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